My life changed in youth

Your presence gave me worth,

when we were fresh

As I aged

Would I see

You’ve changed me.

Do I regret

No, you gave your all

With set limits.

I see time draw near,



You’ll change,

I think not.

On to prove,

What I see,

Your insolence blocks

The sun.

Careful destruction

Of minor troops.

With righteousness,

You play to win.

Mind yourself,

The dragon is out.

Slay the ones

Not of thee.

You’re at a New Year’s Party. It’s in full swing. The countdown begins. “HAPPY NEW YEAR”. Hugs and kisses all around. Then the dreaded, “So, what’s your resolution?” You’re full of joy, it’s another new year. Your turn to speak, “I’m going to ________” Insert any goal to finish that sentence.

Next year the same thing. Don’t beat yourself up because it hasn’t worked out.

Here’s the thing, we’ve all been there. Does anyone ever keep them? Does anyone care?

Deep down you’d love to be in the same spot next year, 25 lbs lighter, no longer a smoker, and…

I am not the bravest person in the world.

When I watch a horror movie, I jump at the slightest sound. I get shivers up my spine. I break out in a cold sweat. I cover my eyes with my hands and I stuff my thumbs in my ears to block out any sound. Even Jurassic Park gives me nightmares.

When I’m out of my comfort zone, I get the same reaction. It doesn’t matter what I do. A road trip, a canoe trip or a flight on a plane. I get nervous and worry that dire consequences will occur when I venture out of where it’s safest.


My Soul Food

Delicious food feeds my soul. It inspires me to want to bake. I want to eat all those delectable treats.

I love desserts although there is one particular item that ranks at the top.


I love chocolate more than any other food. It is a separate food group in my opinion.

I can eat it every day, anytime.

This is to address Chrissy Teigen on the loss of her loving son, Jack.

My dearest Chrissy:

I have been in your shoes, I too lost a child at a very young age. Karalin was 2 days old when we had to take her off of life support.

There is absolutely no way to ever prepare for the loss. It’s completely devastating and unless you go through it you can’t possibly understand.

I will start from my experiences and maybe that will help you with your experiences. I wish you all the very best.

When you tweeted about leaving the…

Freaky musings of the real possibilities of the extraordinary plane of existence

Spirits in an empty room
Spirits in an empty room

Is there another world here with us

What if there’s a world between us and death? A piece of life hidden behind a thin veil that has unseen forces rubbing shoulders with us. Daily, other times less often.

Think about the times when you walk through a cold spot in a room, or by a building. Isn’t it like the cold spots you feel as you walk into a lake or ocean? The currents that wash over you in certain areas. What if they’re the same on land?

We know there are microclimates because of weather and gardening information. If you want to experiment, you can move…

My gratefulness to our homeworld knows no bounds

A sunrise over the ocean on a beach with a drop of water reflecting the same
A sunrise over the ocean on a beach with a drop of water reflecting the same

As the rising sun dawns each morning
I move into gratitude

Air fills my lungs as I breathe from our bountiful atmosphere
Rejuvenating each strand of my spirit

My step on its surface connects me to her gravitational field
It keeps me grounded

Water is her life-giving source to me
As it replenishes my body daily

An array of orbs cover our world at night
Our companions walk with us in the dark

Her caverns shelter us
She protects us from her cleansing storms

Her beauty surrounds us as she entices us
Into unsurpassed peacefulness and joy

She pulls the…

Growing up with my Dad

Daughter and Dad on a beach
Daughter and Dad on a beach

It’s funny how perceptions are when you’re a little kid. I swear I was 10 years old when it finally dawned on me that my dad was a kid before he was a man! OMG, the revelations you make as you grow.

It was his bigger-than-life persona that kept me thinking he was born an adult. I’m not sure when it happened, but I remember my utter amazement with the realization of it. Not that I’m a little slow-witted, but I don’t always pay attention to the details.

In our family, I was the 2nd youngest of 7. Next to…

How it all began

Galaxies and stars in outer space.
Galaxies and stars in outer space.

A long time ago there was a new universe. In this universe was a magnificent inventor. He wandered across space on the lookout for fabulous things. He came upon some discs floating in the ether.

As he reached towards them, his essence caused them to spin away from him. He gathered them to himself and took them home. He placed them on his invention table while he decided what he’d use them for. He was always busy creating things, he was sure they’d become useful at some point.

Much time had passed when this bored inventor sat down at his…

A poem

Universe at nighttime over sharp mountains.
Universe at nighttime over sharp mountains.

It’s a mystery I’d love to know
The way the universe does flow
Is an idea born of my head
Or is it a universal one instead
Out to many more than I
These ideas can pass me by

My thoughts come in quick and fast
At times those morsels do not last
What makes sense darts in and out
When we know what it’s all about
Are these first made by my brain
Or sent out for collective gain

So many times I thought I knew These things I grasp slip right through A millionaire I would be If…

Elle How

canadian visual artist, canoeist, blogger, mom, exploring the outdoors, soul searcher

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